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At City Tax Firm we understand the value of money.

Your families depend on it. Our team of professionals are efficient and prepared to file your tax returns in the best way possible. Helping you is the best way we know to earn your business .with more than 25 years in the business there is no situation we can’t resolved. Our mission is to give you all the tools necessary, so you and your love ones don’t have to get thru tax situations ever again.


Company Profile

Founded in 1993, City Tax Firm has nearly three decades in the Tax industry.

Today, we operate one of the most efficient Tax services in the city of Los Angeles, and provide tax solutions, and tax preparations for our community. Our three principles of safety, operational excellence, and enhancing the customer experience drive everything we do. We set high expectations for our company and employees, and make it our mission to handle your case as simple or complicated.

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